Guessnet resources


Guessnet is a network detection tool to use when moving a machine among networks which don't necessarily provide DHCP.

Guessnet takes in input a list of candidate network profiles, each of which includes a test description; then it runs all the tests in parallel and prints the name of the profile whose test was the first one to succeed.

Available tests are:

Guessnet can be used in either native mode or "ifupdown mode". In the latter case, guessnet integrates nicely with ifupdown as a "mapping script".

FAQ and troubleshooting

There is a FAQ that gets updated to collect extracts of the various successful email exchanges about guessnet.

Development resources

APT Repository
guessnet is now an official debian package, look for it in standard debian repositories. New versions will be uploaded to experimental.
Development mailing list
Subversion repository
svn co svn:// guessnet


Guessnet is written by Enrico Zini with the help of Thomas Hood.